THE SURVIVORS by Hammond Innes
Kirkus Star


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Again a contemporary adventure story which is grim, graphic and given some superb atmospheric assistance as the Antarctic provides a relentless backdrop to a drama of murder and its retribution. When Duncan Craig is fortuitously hired by a Colonel Bland, owner of a whaling company, to pilot him out to the Antarctic where his company manager, Bernt Nordahl, has disappeared, it is Craig who is immediately involved in the cause of Nordahl's death for which Eric Bland, who had married Nordahl's daughter, Judy, is believed responsible. Suspected by the men, by Judy, Eric's guilt is finally confirmed by Craig- but his punishment deferred when Eric rame one of the smaller ships in the ice deliberately and those aboard claw their way to safety on to an iceberg. The personal drama gives way here to the elemental disaster of the survivors that are stranded, the desperate, last attempt to make a, contact with the others of their company, and their eventual rescue while Eric Bland is among those who die along the way. A story of tense and violent action, almost impossible odds, and quite some bravery, this is absorbing.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1950
Publisher: Harper