AIR BRIDGE by Hammond Innes
Kirkus Star


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All of the high wattage excitement of The Angry Mountain. Fire In the Snow, etc. for a story of an attempt to get a plane on the Berlin airlift which reflects the obsessive urgency of Saeton, whose enterprise it is, as well as a considerable technical fascination. For Saeton, who had stolen the plans for the plane he is building, is beyond personal or legal scruple, and blackmails Fraser, a pilot, into joining with him and Tubby- his engineer. From the test flight and the crash of their plane, this follows Saeton's ingenious plan to accure another, as Fraser is forced to join the airlift, flies a plane into the Russian zone where his crew- and Tubby- bail out, and as he takes the stolen plane back to England for the substitution of Sacton's engine. But with the success of the plan, at the expense of Tubby's life, it is Fraser who makes a desperate attempt to save his friend, is willing to destroy himself in order to make amends.... A drama of a fanatic's tour de force which transmits all the driven determination and fevered intensity which leads to its mechanical fulfillment and moral fiasco, this again acts a standard for the action-adventure field.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1951
Publisher: Knopf