KATHRINE by Hane Habe
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The author of A Thousand Shall Fall has written a story of Paris just before the war and of one woman's lifelong drive for social recognition for which she abnegates herself -- and sacrifices her daughter. She is Kathrine, beautiful, hard-headed, subtle, and ruthlessly maternal -- left pregnant during the last war by an Austrian officer who is killed in notion. She achieves a measure of security by a marriage to a dissolute, elderly Count, and becomes mistress of many men, and finally, for a period of 13 years, of Bertrand Lacoste, wealthy auto magnate. Keeping herself in the background, scrupulously, she achieves her revenge on men, and on society, in manipulating her daughter's marriage to Lacoste's son, a marriage undesired by both, but one which will insure Manuela money and position. For this she sacrifices the first man who really attracts her, and Lacoste, in order to gain his wife's sanction of the marriage. The marriage is attained -- but young Lacoste is killed in the war, and eventually Lacoste Sr. reconciles mother and daughter, while Kathrine realizes what these years with him have meant. This has the earmarks of a popular success, -- glamor of decor and character and a certain fascination. Perhaps for the Europa market.

Publisher: Viking