LET'S MAKE JAM by Hannah Lyons Johnson


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Like Mrs. Johnson's L-et's Make Bread (KR, 1973), this is a one-recipe natural cookbook complete with practical, explicit photos of three kids and a helping adult making ""the old-fashioned, longer-cooking type of jam (that) your grandmother and greatgrandmother used to make."" (It's not discouragingly long, though; the whole process from washing and boiling the jars and washing and trimming the berries to storing the jam should take about an hour and a half) No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used, safety precautions are duly advised and altogether this is a model recipe for those who go for the sticky stuff in the first place (most kids do) and whose parents don't mind using all that sugar. Whether it's worth $5.95 in itself, even where its more basic predecessor has been found to pay its way, is a decision for the buyer.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1975
Publisher: Lee & Shepard