ASTROLOGY: What It Can Do For You by Hans Holzer

ASTROLOGY: What It Can Do For You

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Long before Freud and Jung, astrologers held the key to human personality"" which, according to Herr Holzer, has something to do with bombardment by cosmic radiation even if there's a great deal of ideological dissension over sun signs, ascendants, etc. Holzer covers ""the cosmic approach,"" ""the mathematical approach,"" and ""the esoteric method,"" none of which we can tell apart; and he supplies names and addresses for a gaggle of witchdoctors including the High Priest of Feraferia who uses Ceremonial Eco-Astrology to chart Soulscapes ($67 ""donation,"" please), a self-made ""Karmatologist"" who ""never studied a book in my life,"" and a genius whose chart of the U.S.A. predicts there will be wars somewhere in the world, attempted assassinations and the births and deaths of famous men in the distant future. Sucker bait.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Regnery