HEATHER: Confessions of a Witch by Hans Holzer

HEATHER: Confessions of a Witch

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Blessed be"" (the first words Heather P. learned in the special speechways) and surely, shamefully, the most startling annal since June Johns' King of the Witches (1970) -- this story of a girl from a small town in Ohio who came to New York to be initiated into a covenstead on Madison Avenue. Witchcraft, as she'll tell you, has nothing to do with diabolism but is an erotic religion and faster than you can say ""Eko, Eko Azarak"" the small group is in and out of their robes and in and out of each other. Including, to her distaste, evil Harold Tussman -- until her powers (she had ESP as well as considerable allure for all men) seemed stronger than his. But there's worse to come; one gift becomes ill -- for weeks; Heather falls in love and loses her fiance; and at the end -- even with an unexplained $55,000 in the bank, she found herself returned to the ritual ""fivefold kiss""es of Harold. The misfortunate story of a sexy little hexpot who should never have left the safety of Main Street and the Kiwanis Club and lucky be Mr. Holzer to whom it was confided. She could be his hottest property yet.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1974
Publisher: Mason & Lipscomb