AN AMERICAN ROMANCE by Hans Koningsberger


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A second novel, with a New York setting this time, is again an intimate transcript of two people in and out of love, and while Philip, like the student of The Affair is also an emotional malcontent, still he, and the girl he marries, are a more attractive and appealing couple. Philip, restless by nature, a precarious character at best, comes to New York where within a few days he gets a job, meets Ann, moves in to her apartment, and a week later marries her. From the isolated, intense, exclusive excitement of the first weeks of their marriage, to the growing disaffection between them, this records the dichotomy between male and female (his desire to go to Europe; hers to have a child) and also that between dream and reality- how to ""survive the fulfillment of one's love"", a reality he is unable to accept.... It is, all in all, a duet- along the lines of Alfred Hayes' In Love, private, sophisticated, disenchanted, recognizable, and it should easily find a susceptible readership.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1960
Publisher: Simon & Schuster