GHOST HUNTER by Hans olzer


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am a professional investigator of ghosts, haunted houses, and other ontaneous' phenomena,"" says the author of himself. His interest in his subject started early: he has been telling ghost stories since he was nine-years-old. Here with, the necessary personnel at hand for an encounter with those who dwell on the other Side, he introduces an assortment of disturbed spirits--only such are earth-ound--whose activities range from falling downstairs or switching on and off lights to literally yanking the present inhabitants of their haunts out of bed. Dr. Holzer's experience has been confined mainly to the New York area; his investigations have carried him back in time to the Revolution. His ""rescue circle"" has put to rest such tortured, restless souls as General Samuel McGowan, contacted in seventeen sessions over five months--an unusual case; a mother, grief-stricken for her small son, killed in the Revolution; a sadly maimed and misused spirit that at Danton Walker's house. Among the noted, Serge Rubinstein and Houdini have responded to summonses. Mr. Holzer goes at his case reports and research with scientific zeal; if his findings seem sketchy, they are intermittently entertaining.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1963
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill