MAN WITH THREE FACES by Hans Otto Meisner


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A first full-length biography of Richard Sorge, who appears frequently in the composite annals of espionage, presents him as a man of the world- and an operative of considerable ability, arrogance and brilliance. For all his ""three faces"", he is still in this account by the Third Secretary at the German Embassy in Tokyo- a shadowy figure and his skills are stated rather than demonstrated. Sorge, early in his career as a spy in Germany, committed his first gaffe with a girl (a woman was later to destroy him) which led to his arrest- and then to Moscow where he trained further. In China, Agnes Smedley helped him establish the China Unit; in Tokyo he then set up his famous ring which kept Russia alerted to German and Japanese moves and with his associates had access to high social and political affairs. His many coups were capped by the release of the plan to attack Pearl Harbor; the next day Sorge met his finish- as the dancer Kyomi to whom he was attracted secured the evidence which led to his arrest- and presumable execution. Meissner however believes that he is still alive and has a few theories to support this allegation...A deliberate account, the Sorge story here still leaves many unknowns, lacks and subtleties of conjecture and interpretation it might provoke.

Publisher: Rinehart