TOP OF THE WORLD by Hans Ruesch


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Some pieces (which have had magazine appearance), these catch all the buoyancy, the easy and ever-ready laughter of the Eskimo people, the ingenuous and modest charm, the primitive patterns against which the white man's influence makes only a superficial imprint. Here, in these episodes which concern Ernenek, his son-Papik, and his daughter-Ivaloo, you will follow Ernenek in the excitement of a bear hunt or the spearing of a seal; in his marriage to Asick and their disappointment in Papik- born with no teeth; and after the death of her parents, Ivaloo's virgin birth of a baby with ""eyes the color of Heaven and hair the color of Hell"" which confounds all save Ivaloo, draws down a stern response from the new preacher... An apparent authenticity, as well as the humor of situation, artlessness of spirit gives this its appeal.

Publisher: Harper