KINGDOM COME, NOW! by Hans Sageng


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New Age spiritual guidebook aimed at forming community.

Sageng, a minister with the Spiritual Humanism Organization, addresses our troubled society while seeking means for its healing and growth. A former Lutheran, Sageng’s writing has a Christian bent, but his theology is anything but traditional. Referring to Jesus as “my king,” the author displays his undeniable admiration for Jesus as a teacher and spiritual leader. However, his work is a conglomeration of other world religions, myths, modern spiritualism and alternative readings of Christian scripture. As such, the “kingdom” referred to in the title is not necessarily that of the historical Jesus. Sageng encourages his reader to achieve a level of spiritual maturity and personal righteousness: “Don’t wait for someone else. The crown is yours as a sovereign individual. Long live the king.” His message appears aimed at both the individual and at society as a whole. The emphasis is on love, communication and the building of community. In brief chapters, Sageng takes on such wide-ranging topics as the mystery of faith, communion among believers and struggle against oppression, while also applying his thoughts to modern dilemmas such as terrorism, militarism and environmentalism. Sageng’s writing is laid-back and often rambles. The organization of the book is often hard to follow, and the reader’s comprehension is further hindered by Sageng’s nebulous theological allusions, which range from Scandinavian legends to Gnostic readings of scripture to criticisms of Muhammad. Sageng’s assertion that we are living in the dawn of human history, trying to survive to maturity within the first few minutes of this “galactic day,” is certainly echoed by other thinkers through history. But few have made the assertion through his type of spiritualist kaleidoscope.

Though commendable as a call to community and love, quite an awkward and strange work.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9797710-4-3
Program: Kirkus Indie
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