THE PRICE OF POWER by Hanson W. Baldwin
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The price of power is huge; it is not ease but toil; not peace but struggles not wealth but taxes."" With this, Hanson Baldwin brings to a close a challenging, lating survey of the facts we must face if we are not to follow the pattern of ancient nations grown slothful in ease. Four choices face us;- isolation, world order by preventive war- all of which he analyses and dismisses; fourth, balance of power according to the changes of today. This choice must be ours. It involves full participation internationally. Extensive national security measures, maintenance and utility of our powers for world stability. To reach these conclusions, he accepts a world dominated by two powers, both outside Europe. He analyzes the technical revolutions of modern war, the importance of reassessing our economic position. Conflict must be faced, a conflict that may be political and technical, not military. Preparedness is now- not when war is upon us. We must revise our strategy- defense today is attack. We must have bases, military forces conforming to changing weapons, a strong Intelligence, research, civilian preparedness. The book has much that will arouse those who demand isolation. It is not easy reading but it should be read.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1948
Publisher: Harper