CREEPER'S JEEP by Hardie Gramatky
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The author of Little Toot, Hercules, etc. chooses popular heroes for his books, which are established favorites with the young fry. This time it is a red jeep, won by Creeper, whose farmer father finds him a problem because he is so easily diverted from his chores on the farm. The jeep, won on the county fair, helps him get through in a hurry, but his dad refuses to acknowledge it, and his antagonism is intensified when the jeep dumps them into a mud puddle on the way to church. The jeep didn't want to be bought and misbehaved to discourage purchasers, and finally redeemed itself on the farm by rescuing the animals from the barn which had been struck by lightning.....Following the successful story pattern of the earlier books, this is assured an audience among the youngsters, for whom the author's gaily colored, highly entertaining pictures add appeal.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Putnam