MAHATMA GANDHI by Haridas T. Muzumdar


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This addition to the Twentieth Century Library series is a clear exposition of the philosophy and action of the great Gandhi, revealing him as a man of action based on thought and heart. First drawn to religious thought as a law student in London, impressed immeasurably by the Sermon on the Mount and the Shagavad Gita, Gandhi set out to spend two decades working for the Asiatics in South Africa, perfecting his ""moral equivalent of war"", his non-violent opposition to oppression. Returning to India to work toward God through humanity, he used soul force against brute force to achieve his very definite aims in behalf of his countrymen. Here are outlined Gandhi's economics, his teaching code, his belief in non- violence and truth as the bases of human action. A setting forth of ideas and action rather than a biography, this reveals Gandhi as a man acting from the deepest conviction, with conscience giving appeasement no quarter. And the author gives an explanation of potentially difficult philosophic concepts that will be clear to all readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1952
Publisher: Scribner