I DID IT by Harlow Rockwell


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What ""I did"" was, (1) draw a face on a paper bag and put it over my head, (2) make a tiger with dried peas and beans and popcorn glued onto cardboard, (3) make fish of paint and papier mache on an inflated balloon, (4) make a jet of folded paper, (5) compose a secret message in lemon juice ink, and (6) make two loaves of bread. What Rockwell gives us here is a new format for some old and very simple craft ideas and a new approach to book-baiting activity-oriented beginning readers. (But why not settle for five projects and save the bread making for an occasion that allowed for more detailed hints and some supervision?)

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Page count: 56pp
Publisher: Macmillan