EXTRA SUCCESS POTENTIAL by Harold & Al Pollard Sherman


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A quick dip into intuition, ESP, precognition, what have you (the terms are all used interchangeably here) to make sales or manage in business: in other words, figure out the other guy's need or ""feeling,"" trade in on it, and reap the rewards. This would all be bad enough if the authors simply avowed that there are twelve steps to reading other people's minds (like ""relax"" and ""imagine a blank, white motion picture screen""). But they include in their definition of ESP such commonplaces as noticing a person's clothes or spotting the instruments in his pocket that indicate he's an engineer. What's happened here, it appears, is that some enterprising person has matched an ESP author (The New TNT) with a management-training specialist. The result is a little of the usual people-awareness pitch, and some anecdotes about telepathic coups over the telephone. Twaddle.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1981
Publisher: Prentice-Hall