LIES LIKE TRUTH by Harold Clurman


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Most of the pieces which composes this book were originally published as theatre reviews in the Nation, the New Republic, and Tomorrow Magazine during the last ten years- by the former head of the Group theater and gifted director of such plays as Time Remembered. Member of the Wedding. They are held together by an introductory essay in which Clurman tries to give coherence and consistency to his point of view about the theatre. He is immensely serious about it- and his seriousness is rooted in a total view of the theatre as it represents a slice of life and sometimes transcends it. All elements, writing, scenery, decor, costumes, music should be integrated and manifest a sincere and solemn respect for life. This is his basic belief, and he views with ""uncase"" much of today's theatre, its competitiveness, corruption and lack of values. Many of the reviews are sound and penetrating and they form an interesting record of the theatre here and abroad during the last decade. They will be read by a special and rather high-minded coterie who will not object to heaviness of the style.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1958
Publisher: Macmillan