ENERGETICS: Your Key to Weight Control by

ENERGETICS: Your Key to Weight Control

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The most successful diet books are usually the least sensible ones; hopefully the obverse will not be true here since Dr. Gwinup, a clinical investigator of obesity for more than ten years, approaches the problem from all sides and in particular (cf. the title) relates it to the balance between what is taken in and what is actively put out. Thus 1200 calories may not be the baseline expenditure for everyone.. Nor is it simply a question of carbohydrates or fats. Throughout Dr. Gwinup disposes of many mythconceptions (as well as drugs); discusses metabolic factors (particularly the appestat mechanism); and roughly outlines a graduated weight loss (and hold) program in which you should never reach ""satiety."" A calorie and energy expenditure table appends -- reading hits a real low, 25 calories per hr., but you can promote it to 150 with ""vigorous arm movement."" Not in this case -- but something to keep in mind.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Sherbourne