THE AGE OF DANGER by Harold F.- Ed Harding


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Dr. Harding of Ohio State department of speech has brought together in this provocative and useful volume the sort of material that not only exemplifies the best in addresses of today dealing with vital issues, but has built up- through the spokesmen of various viewpoints, a good basic structure for the thoughtful citizen who wants to know what key people are thinking and saying. If you were told you had an opportunity to know what Churchill thought on the subject of a world structure, what Robert Hutchins considered America's role in the atomic age, what Kennan considered crucial to our national interest, what Acheson and Rusk and Douglas felt about our challenge in the Far East, and so on through the moot questions of our times, would you not consider that you had singular good fortune. While most of the speeches and group discussions included have been at one time or another available, many readers have failed to hear the original presentation or wished to reread the text to clarify some points. Here is their chance- in form to use for discussion groups, with appendix directed to points and questions involved. The war in Korea Russia and Communism- the defense of Europe -- home affairs- health, medicine, education, academic freedom, labor, civil liberties, racial problems- these are among the topics included. And the roster of names is your best guarantee. Not a book for quick selling- but one that should gradually find its place for study of current issues.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1952
Publisher: Random House