OUR NEW FRONTIER: Alaska and the Canadian-American NW by Harold Griffin

OUR NEW FRONTIER: Alaska and the Canadian-American NW

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In no sense a book featuring the political implications and aspirations of Alaska, nor that part of the war front centered in the Aleutians. But rather a background book on Alaska of today and tomorrow, speeded up to modernity by the tense haste of military needs and developments. This is the story of the linking of the Northwest to the outside world, the tale of highway, railroads, flying fields, of the reawakening of old cities and the building of new, of the still undeveloped potentials of industrial metal deposits, the difficulties of immediate development of Alaskan growth and how they were met and overcome; the realization of a treasurehouse to be explored, now and in the postwar world. He takes one to the Yukon, to Edmonton, to Whitehorse, to Fairbanks, to Anchorage, to Nome; he visits the oil sands and oil fields, the farming development at Peace River, the American achievement of the Alaska Highway, the opportunities of the empty land. Here and now descriptions of a farthest frontier, with probable directions indicated, and the story of nations, men and their achievements. Not a complete coverage of the Alaskan territory -- but, within its limits, an excellent foundation book of timely interest.

Publisher: Norton