WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? by Harold J. Laski


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A leading crusader for liberalism and enlightenment writes of the basic causes of today's crisis, the breakdown of the social and economic order the world over, which has led to democracy's challenge, and the way in which it should be met. Laski is never easy reading, and therefore not for a wide market, but has a certain following among those who want to think as well as read. He shows here how the democracies were immolated through fear of the Russian bugaboo, how England sympathized with Germany in her attitude toward the working class, and how capitalism was preserved at any cost, in this case too great a one. His answer to the preservation of democracy is a permanent ""partnership between privilege and the masses"", the making of a more equal society, and the socialization of vested interests here and abroad. A stimulating analysis of the world today, but a difficult book to place.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1940
Publisher: Viking