BACK TO WORK -- The Story of P W A by Harold L. Ickes
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BACK TO WORK -- The Story of P W A

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The history of the background, personnel, development, and the first steps of achievement of the Public Works Administration. Through it, the citizen gets an idea of the terrific problems and the stumbling blocks which had to be encountered and overcome before the work got under way; of the personalities behind the job; of the intricate organization, the ironing out of mistakes, the hopes for the future. One sees the work as a vast picture, not in isolated units, and the author defends the aspects of the work that have been under special fire, showing why they are undertaken, what the public responsibility is, and how the whole is related to the problems of the balanced budget, now and in the future. There is no attempt to make this anything but a graphic, straightforward account of the job -- but there is a certain ease of expression and presentation that makes it good reading. An important book for everyone interested directly or indirectly.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1935
Publisher: Macmillan