FIGHTIN' OIL by Harold L. Ickes


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The ""Curmudgeon"", as Petroleum Administrator for War, (PAW if you prefer) writes of a subject near to almost everyone's heart, and attempts to persuade, in his fashion, the people NOT to use oil vital to the winning of the war. He outlines the scope of oil's uses, of the problems its transportation presents and the headaches that ensue, he emphasizes that oil is NOT inexhaustible in the United States, he tosses orchids and scallions where he thinks they are due. He gives a look at the record so far-how the problems have been met, and in what manner, he tells of ""Big Inch"" and future pipelines, he discusses oil in Germany and Japan, the importance of oil in military, and particularly, aviation programs. He credits some miracles to date in transportation, by tanker, barge, towboat, truck, railroad. He clarifies public misunderstandings of issues, and makes his case, sprightly, hard-hitting, with facts and figures, for conservation of our ""vital fluid asset."" Newsworthy.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1943
Publisher: Knopf