DAILY BIBLE READINGS: from The Revised Standard Version by Harold Lindsell

DAILY BIBLE READINGS: from The Revised Standard Version

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This little volume, compiled by the Reverend Harold Lindsell, Professor of Missions at Fuller Theological Seminary, should fill a great need for those who find help and inspiration for daily Bible reading. Here, on one page for each day, are brought together related Bible passages on carefully chosen topics of the greatest inspirational value to the reader, and they are left to speak their own message without any attempt to add a prosaic commentary which so often tends to drag the scripture, which is fully able to speak for itself, into the commonplace. Dr. Lindsell has used the Revised Standard Version for his readings, the first time this has been done in a book of this sort. The book is pocketsize, and deserves the wide reading it will doubtless receive. It would make an excellent Christmas gift.

Publisher: Harper