THE STORY OF ALASKA by Harold McCracken


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Winning of the West was Harold McCracken's first book in Garden City's recent output of histories for the eight to eleven group. This sketches the story of Alaska in like manner, with broad yet efficient strokes. Beginning with a brief geographical survey and a note on the Indians who live there, he sets the stage for the chain of historical events which started with Russian penetration in 1725. The explorations of Bering and Chirikof, both tragic events, are contrasted with the type of settlement that followed, for though the explorers were scholars the who came afterwards were ruthless hunters. Hunting for profit rather than settlement was the policy Russia followed and when bad times befell the exploiters, Russia was ready for her part in ""Seward's folly"" a century later. Continuing the familiar series of incidents that brought Alaska to its present status as a still unplumbed wilderness, Mr. McCracken is creditably less biassed than he might have been and presents the facts in an admirable manner for fourth and fifty grade study.

Publisher: Garden City