COWBOY JAMBOREE by Harold W. Felton
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From one of the leading folklore specialists in the Juvenile field -- a silver spur edition of twenty familiar cowboy songs with a lively corralling of the history and legends of the West from which the songs evolved. Most of the songs will be current to the devotees of the radio cowboys' twangs and nasal glissandos, but the oldsters will welcome the inclusion of ""Chisholm Prail"", ""The Lone Prairle"", ""Gitalong Little Dogies"", ""Cowboy's Heaven"", ""Jesse James"" and of course, ""Home On the Range"". From the tangy and rough ' tales of the hard, dangerous and romantic life in American's Western past these songs grew, and the author has re-rooted these songs in the wide plains, hot sun, peril and adventure, enriching the reader's appreciation of them and the drama of America's growth. Each song has a simple musical setting with fingering for plane and chorda for ukes, etc., indicated. The illustrations by Aldren A. Watson are wonderful sketches of tough old hands punchin', shootin', yarning, or just lazing, an well as many sketches of action illustrating the songs. Forward by Carl Carmer. Brand thin one for every school and home.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1951
Publisher: Knopf