REBEL RAIDER by Harpur Allen- Ed. Gosnell


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This material is based on the diary of Captain Raphael Semmes, whose six months' cruise with the Confederate SS. Sumter caused considerable nuisance to Yankee shipping. Interesting, at times exciting account, as the diary opens with an escape from Pass a l'Outre, under the nose of enemy ships, with only one in chase. Thence down to the West Indies, stopping at Cuba, the Guianas, up to Martinique- another close call- and then ever to Gibralter, where lack of coal brought the raiding to an end. A readable presentation of a little-known phase of the Civil War, with descriptions of places they stopped, life at sea, the crew, the difficulties in getting repairs and supplies, due to the U.S. officials at various ports, not to the countries which- in the main, Semmes felt, were inclined toward the cause of the Confederacy. The editor gives introductory biographical notes. Market- people who specialize in phases of the Civil War.

Publisher: Univ. of N. Carolina Press