THE WEAVER'S BOOK by Harriel Tidball


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Although soci mechanization has erased the need for handwoven products, the desire to create them remains a modern phenomenon. For those who would find fulfillment in this particular medium of creative expression, Harriet Tidball provides a thorough and guide covering a multitude of technicalities and principles salient to a mastery of this craft. All the equipment necessary is outlined first, with emphasis on types and fibers. The properties, sizes and types of cotton, wool and linen, the three main fibers recommended for beginners, are carefully analyzed. Methods of calculating yarn requirements, warp setts, various draft forms and weaving systems, bobbin winding, threading schedules, developing drafts on paper and a few of the simple controlled weaves are among the topics included.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1961
Publisher: Macmillan