PRAYING MANTIS by Harriet E. Huntington


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The format here is simple and inviting. A study of the praying mantis, that amusing insect which assumes a reverent posture, this can be considered as a visual aid, with lots of help from teacher or a parent, below third grade. The pictures alone tell much about the insect, since they are greatly enlarged, making it a pleasant browsing book for primary children. They show the walnut-sized cocoon in which the mother mantis lays her eggs and later the mantis babies wriggling out of their home. Pictures are large and very clear: vocabulary is somewhat technical -- few children could read it independently before third grade. With cheesecloth and a Mason jar this insect can be kept briefly as a pet. There are 22 full page photographs, attractively placed opposite uncluttered open pages of type. By the author of Let's Go Outdoors.

Publisher: Doubleday