THE GOLDEN LAND by Harriet- Ed. de Onis


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An excellent collection of Latin American writings that is unified by following the persistent influence of the folk lore themes in the country's literature. Worthwhile introductions, to the book and to individual inclusions, gives a compact survey of Hispanic writing, both critical and interpretative. The selections are chronologically arranged, from the discoverers through their descendants, on to the moderns: the excerpts, from fiction, non-fiction, books of short stories, poetry, etc., give a high spotting to the caliber of national craftsmanship. The editor indicates the force of tradition, how the new does not lose touch with the past, the themes and concepts of historical importance; the selections themselves give a many-faceted picture of the life and character of the people. A book of definite value to the student of Latin-American literature, on Latin American reference shelves, for followers of international writings.

Publisher: Knopf