DARSHAM'S TOWER by Harriet Esmond


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Darsham's Tower rises above the old manorial house Darsham's Folly which usually leads to another kind of foolishness, but except for the fact that the faces and the stations are familiar (Oliver, lord of Darsham -- simpler born Kate who will become the companion of his' child after the disappearance of Lady Charlotte), Miss Esmond has told a different story, differently. That's to say better. Oliver is very attractive -- in spite of his game leg and scarred mouth -- and he promises marriage to Kate within five years (after his daughter comes of age) but then Lady Charlotte reappears to go to her sudden death and what of that other unquiet grave where a newborn infant with Oliver's name lies, concealed? It all ends with a cataclysmic storm which washes almost everything away -- this too will disappear without a trace but with these givens, there will be takers.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1973
Publisher: Delacorte