MORE TASTE THAN MONEY: Fine Foods for Lean Budgets by Harriet Hands

MORE TASTE THAN MONEY: Fine Foods for Lean Budgets

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The magic ingredients are time and effort, not money. As the title indicates, Mrs. Hands thinks of herself as writing for a gastronomical elite with a thin purse. The dishes in here are mainly classics or standbys depending on how you think of them -- pot roast, brisket, chicken fricassee, stuffed eggplant. The preparation is not exotic or ""international"" or even particularly adventurous. She uses a limited number of spices, and these sparingly, but always there is freshly ground pepper, real lemon juice, a little wine, a little cream. One warning: she tends to forgo all shortcuts and the recipes, some of them, will take two, three, four hours. (Or, if you should decide to corn your own beef, allow two weeks.) The book includes all the good homemade extras like jams, pickles, relishes and a lavish assortment of pies and it's definitely aimed at the full-time homemaker, not the working girl.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1975
Publisher: Little, Brown