LAUREN by Harriet Luger


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One of those pregnancies that shouldn't happen--and a downer all the way. Seventeen-year-old Lauren Murray, who's been ignoring the tell-tale signs, is also saddled with: parents who constantly quarrel; two longtime best friends who are now at loggerheads; and a boyfriend who, when she tells him she's pregnant, worries about being worried--he'll lose his chance for a college scholarship. After a vicious confrontation between the two sets of parents (focused, as Lauren indelicately puts it, on ""who screwed who"") she runs off--and runs into two unwed mothers, barely making do together, who propagandize against an abortion. But a month in their squalid apartment with their all-engorging infants--and a notably joyless Thanksgiving (at the home, however, of a nice childless couple who desperately want kids)--together do her in; and, after a stab at suicide, she phones home. It's no more a refuge, however, than it was before: everybody feels guilty, but no one (including otherwise--loving Donnie) wants the baby that Lauren is now determined to have (it's kicking). So, at the last, putting the baby's needs first, she thinks of that nice childless couple. . . . Everything here is billboard-obvious except why no one but Lauren's unsympathetically-portrayed friend Judy says anything about contraception: the point seems to be that she should have paid more attention to her periods.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1980
Publisher: Viking