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TIMMY TICKLE by Harriet Pellereau Kirkus Star


by Harriet Pellereau & illustrated by Harriet Pellereau & developed by Nimblebean

Pub Date: July 14th, 2011
Publisher: Nimblebean

A day in the life of a playful, ticklish octopus.

If Timmy Tickle were a real kid he’d probably be in high demand as a playmate. He’s adventurous and imaginative, and he loves to have fun. He tries roller-skating, despite the obvious challenge of having eight skates rather than two. He takes up the xylophone. He loves to play camouflage by taking on the color, texture and shape of assorted pieces of fruit. But perhaps most endearing are his disguises, which he can put on and take off more quickly than readers can say “presto-change-o”. Timmy is drawn and animated in a way that makes him seem genuinely engaged with readers, a testament to Pellereau’s skill as a designer and developer. Every component of this app is well planned and executed. The graphics are vibrant, and the interactive elements are simple, yet superb. A readily accessible menu makes the story easy to navigate, and in terms of speed and functionality, it’s clean as a whistle. To top it off, Timmy is outlandishly cute, sporting Shrek-like ears and a wide variety of charming facial expressions. A play date with this cheerful little octopod will provide several educational opportunities, but it’s Timmy’s jovial disposition and his appetite for adventure that will likely keeps kids coming back for more. 

Eight high-fives for a truly splendid effort. (iPad storybook app. 18 mos.-5)