AUTOMOBILES by Harriet Salt


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A very disappointing book. It starts out as it should, with a very good graphic chart of the chassis of an automobile, clearly labelled for any youngster to follow. But right at the start, the text lets you down. It is too talky talky and not factual enough. Then -- instead of going on with the insides of a car, the author describes in general terms a pleasure car, a delivery truck, a racing car, and so on. Who cares? What is needed is a picture-fact book which will solve for distracted parents the eternal question box of ""What kind of car is that?"" -- ""What makes this happen -- or that -- or the other?"" ""What is a sedan -- a limousine -- a touring car -- a roadster -- a town car -- etc.?"" This does not fill the need. And that in spite of the fact that some useful information is included.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1935
Publisher: Putnam -- Minton,Balch