RELIGION AS SALVATION by Harris Franklin Rall


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A veteran theologian with over forty years of teaching behind him, Professor Rall demonstrates in this volume that he is keeping abreast of the times. For in this book he takes full account of the emphases current in the theological world of today as he expounds the nature, scope and dynamic force of Christianity. The book is broken down into three parts dealing with the doctrines of Man, Sin and Salvation. These are doctrines which have been neglected in the teaching of the church during the last fifty years, but which are once more occupying the forefront of theological thought. Professor Rall is an evangelical; to him the gospel of a God of mercy and of help coming to man in Jesus Christ is central and controlling. His point of view is Biblical but not literalistic. He looks upon the church not so much as an institution as a fellowship. What is more important, he writes clearly and forcibly. It is a good book to recommend to Protestant ministers and thoughtful laymen.

ISBN: 1164493604
Publisher: Abingdon-Cokesbury