ACCORDING TO PAUL by Harris Franklin Rell


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There is abroad in Protestant church circles a renewed interest in theology. This has sprung in part from the influence of Karl Barth on American as well as continental religious thought. But it has arisen too out of the discovery that social ethics, psychology, politics, economics, education and aesthetics give no enduring foundation for religious life. So the author of this thoughtful volume starts from the thesis that ""Christianity is religion in search of a theology"". That is to say, basic convictions arising out of the issues of life have to be rooted down in our thought of God, of man and of the world. The author then proceeds to re-examine the gospel ""according to Paul"", not for the purpose of developing a Pauline theology but in order to discover the chief and permanent contributions made by Paul to our great religious concepts. This is a scholarly work, but interestingly written. While not a book many laymen would appreciate, theologians and clergymen will find it stimulating and timely even though there is little that is fresh and original in either the argument or conclusion.

Publisher: Scribner