THE FLAGS AT DONEY by Harris Greene


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A revenge melodrama (less ambitious than the ""Mozart"" Leaves at Nine) has an American hero in Italy involved in a complex three-way plot even though the rest of the characters are much less involved. During the battle of Caserta, Lt. Tom Linden operated behind the lines with the Italian partisans, tried and failed to warn a major that a guerrilla attempt to blow up a bridge would fail. Instead, he was charged with insubordination, cashiered out of the service, even though the major and his band were killed to the last man by a Nazi ambush. Among those who were killed were the father, husband and brother of Antonella Passaglia whom Linden reduces during her bereavement. In the years to come, he tries to gather information about the partisan activities to clear his name, while Antonella becomes the Communist mayoressa of her home town. Only when she learns that the Communists were responsible for the earlier betrayal of her menfolk to the Nazis, does she ip up her party card and shoot a leading Communist, while Linden sits at the Doney on the Via Veneto in Rome... Anna Magnani rides again, and the reader, who likes a vengeance-prone thriller, won't be far behind.

Publisher: Doubleday