THE LONESOME BEAR by Harrison Kinney


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Stephen didn't mind being left out of his older brother's activities when he acquired a tame bear as a playmate. Marshmallows seemed, at first, the main attraction, but soon Stephen realized that, like himself, the bear was lonesome. His troubles soon began. His mother didn't like the bear to take naps on the guest room bed. The sheriff didn't know what to do about licensing him -- or how to soothe people's ruffled feelings. The circus, when it came to town, recognized Henry as a problem bear they'd been glad to lose. And Stephen's father -- sympathetic though he was- agreed that the bear must be lost in the woods. It didn't do any good. The bear got into the family car and waited to be driven home. Finally, the bear's love of riding resulted in his foiling a bank robbery and he became a town hero and all was well.... Amusing enough story with humorous black and whites by Harold Price. Not important, but for third and fourth grade readers a story they can read to themselves, with enough plot to carry them over some vocabulary hurdles.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1949
Publisher: Whittlesey