THE STUPIDS DIE by Harry Allard


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Whether the prospect of no more Stupids fills you with regret or relief, it is not to be. The Stupids only think they're dead here, when they find themselves suddenly in the dark before the TV set. Then their dog and cat change the fuse and the lights come back. ""This must be heaven,"" says Mr. Stupid. ""It has a nice homey feeling,"" says Mrs. Stupid. But then Grandpa arrives explaining ""This isn't heaven. This is Cleveland""--and Buster ventures ""This may sound stupid, but I think this is our living room."" All this occurs after an ordinary Stupid day of breakfasting in the shower, mowing the rug, Mrs. Stupid donning a ""loud"" dress made of live chickens, and so on. The day ends as always with the Stupids going to bed in a mixed-up manner, this time with the nightcapped cat and dog settled properly between sheet and covers while four pair of Stupid feet stick out from under the bed. The Stupids' fans will be relieved to find that there's life left in Allard and Marshall's winning gag.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1981
ISBN: 0812438353
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin