BEST SF: 1973 by Harry & Brian W. Aldiss -- Eds. Harrison

BEST SF: 1973

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William Harrison, new to SF, offers a new spectator sport that partakes more of gladiatorial combat than football; Haldeman provides a sequel to his caustic view of tomorrow's military -- it's just that civilian life in 2023 A.D. proves even less tolerable than the army; Scortia creates a pair of anthropomorphized ducks done in by pollution; Lafferty takes a chilling look at an extreme form of women's lib; Aldiss sketches a decadent, haunted fairyland; plus intriguing curiosities like a newly discovered short-short by Max Beerbohm and several examples of foreign SF and more. Maybe not the best but good enough.

Pub Date: July 30th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam