RUN! RUN! by Harry Cranick
Kirkus Star


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It is a probable compliment to this book to say that I found myself arguing with myself over its plausibility, over the psychology of certain characters -- and yet reading it from first to last with active interest. Two children among the 150 winners of the contest staged by a cereal company come to New York a day ahead of schedule. Circumstances combine to thrust them out on their own, and they do New York from Ellis Island to Harlem, from the East River to Hell's Kitchen. They see how the other half lives, they continually make friends with all sorts of strangers, they escape pursuit and discovery -- and have a grand and glorious time. Lots of pictures are promised (by Gregor Duncan), but I've not seen them. The story is tops.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1941
Publisher: Simon & Schuster