BOYS IN MEN'S SHOES by Harry E. Burroughs


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Today, with news stories on growing juvenile delinquency, this should have spot appeal with its human picture of the Newsboys Foundation in Boston, and the resultant assurance that there are ways of diverting mischief, creating new environments, establishing self government, and underscoring the fact that there is one sure way to treat every boy. Burroughs was the founder -- and tells of its inception, development and the results, against a background of his own story. He came over from Russia in 1903, and got his own first job as newsboy in Boston; he managed to get himself an education, establish himself as a lawyer, and then land a helping hand to other working children. The purposes of the Newsboy Foundation, the individual stories of the boys, with their special problems, the successes and failures of the Foundation -- and the reasons, all handled intelligently, with a view to presenting material of value for social agencies, group leaders, educational organizations.

Publisher: Macmillan