DEAR MR. BROWN by Harry Emerson Fosdick
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Though Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick has now been retired many years, he still speaks with conviction and winning power to the perplexed people of this generation who have long been turning to him with their many problems. They have learned to receive from him the assurance and reassurance of a Christian faith great enough to satisfy the deepest needs of a man in the face of the most cruel anxieties any age can spawn. Now once again they will not be disappointed. In a series of letters to a composite Mr. Brown, an intelligent young man who is seriously trying to work out an intelligent philosophy of life, who is sensitive to spiritual values, and who is seeking a vocation where he can make the most of his best for the sake of others, Dr. Fosdick answers such questions as ""How fares goodness without God?"" ""Is Christian faith credulity?"" ""How explain the world's evil?"" ""Was Jesus an impractical idealist?"" ""How surmount discouragement about the world?"" ""How handle tragedy?"" It is impossible to think of a better book to give to any of the many young Mr. Browns who are earnestly seeking ansers. If they will start to read Dr. Fosdick's ""letters"" they will be likely to finish, and be grateful for the opportunity. No one is ever in doubt about the meaning of what Dr. Fosdick is saying; his words and illustrations so gracefully reveal his thought that the reader finds himself responding ""Of course, why didn't I think of that before?

Publisher: Harper