ON BEING A REAL PERSON by Harry Emerson Fosdick
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This is not a religious book, primarily, but should be sold in both trade and religious book departments as a book to be honestly recommended as one that deals with the problems of personality from a scientific as well as a religious point of view. Dr. Fosdick writes from years of personal experience in counselling people with personal problems and maladjustments; he has had the help of psychologists and psychiatrists; this is a distillation of that knowledge and wisdom. He recommends a shift from moralism to diagnosis and therapy; he calls that conscience mischievous which deals with moral trifles; he would substitute positive, creative goodness for prohibitory negations. His attitude towards sex has neither the moralism of the church nor the supreme importance of some schools of psychology. The discussion of self-analysis is so clear and objective that there is no danger of this book turning the reader towards excessive and morbid introspection. The author succeeds in giving the reader a creative attitude towards himself, which would help him find his own inner resources of faith, his own strength, which would help him pass from ""multiple selves"" into the poise, balance and cohesion of the unified personality. Here's a book with a chance for wide distribution.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1943
Publisher: Harper