ANTHONY WAYNE by Harry Emerson Wildes


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Much more than merely a biography of the famous Revolutionary General, ""Mad Anthony Wayne"", but a clear picture of matters, manners and morals of the days, of gargantuan dinners, brilliant balls, Parls clothes side by side with privation, dissension and disloyalty. Wayne, reckless, foolhardy, military minded as a youth, was to learn to add caution to courage. One follows his military career through the unsuccessful attack on Quebec, the retreat to Ticonderoga, the dark days at Valley Forge, the gallant storming of Stony Point, and on to the end of the war. It goes into details about Wayne's fascinating personality, his hot temper, his love for racing, run, gambling, good clothes; his precarious relationship with his wife, his innumerable affairs with pretty girls, his friendships and violent antipathies. A very colorful and human character, done full justice here in a style which is eminently readable. A little overlong, however.

Publisher: Harcourt Brace