AMERICA'S ROLE IN ASIA by Harry Faxton Howard


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This is swell; It does the very thing I've looked for in vain in the numerous books on the Orient. First of all it is an excellent overall picture of the historical, political and economic developments of Japan and China, a revealing (and none too flattering) picture of their relations with the Western Powers. He makes no bones of our mistakes, our self seeking, our responsibility for the disasters we have brought about. Next, he clarifies the confused interrelations, internal conflicts, and ultimate objectives -- both in Japan and China; the dominance of the military and Big Business over a subdued flicker of revolt in Japan; the Soong Dynasty and the contradictions of democracy in China. For the first time, the Korean situation comes out clearcut. Finally, with no illusions as to the imperative necessity of our accepting a free China, a demilitarised Japan, a hands-off policy, he draws conclusions that will provoke controversy and challenge our thinking. There's a final section (including a chapter on India) still to come.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1943
ISBN: 1406751510
Publisher: Howell, Soskin