TRAINING TO TEACH: A Basic Course in Christian Education by Harry G. and Betty L. Goodykoontz
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TRAINING TO TEACH: A Basic Course in Christian Education

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In a world where change is taken for granted, and where disciplines of theology constantly adapt to meet new needs, it is small wonder that the poor Sunday School teacher is sometimes confused, and often willing, therefore, to take a refresher course in effective Christian education. To this need the husband and wife team of Goodykoontz has addressed this book, and they have done it well. The new material lies largely in the first two chapters, and in a constant awareness through of the volume of the current situation facing teachers as they approach the of today. The book is theologically sound; the authors are aware of the family of Christian education; the presentation is so lucid that even those education will follow its message. Even better, the work has been field training schools have put their polish on it. The organization of makes to use as a training course. Each chapter is followed by suggestions how it. There is a supplementary bibliography. Above all, the slight of the kind of person who is most apt to be teaching in the . Although the Presbyterian orientation of the authors is occasionally related to no particular curriculum series, and hence is adaptable that has worked out a consistent course of instruction. Any Sunday School teaches an profit by the book, but it will do most good when a Pastor, or Director brings his teachers together for at least twelve sessions on how .

Publisher: Westminster Press