FOR 2¢ PLAIN by Harry Golden
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Harry Golden does it again. Of course, we cannot recapture the sense of discovery -- for Harry Golden now ""belongs"" to everyone who reads him, sees him, hears him. But for those of us who were a bit fearful that he might pall or go stale, here is reassurance. He is still fresh and vital and original and fearless and understanding. He can still hand out the schmaltz without spilling over. Just at the moment when it might be sheer sentimentality, he catches himself up with a bit of philosophy, a telling attack on intolerances and prejudices, a twist that brings laughter on the heels of tears. This is his measure of greatness. Once again, these are in the main pieces from his paper, The Carolina Israelite, no longer merely the province of the elect few, but known to the many. Once again there is wide range of matter, revealing a rich personality. Once again he has tapped the vein of his heritage and New York's Lower East Side of his boyhood contributes a generous percentage of the background. Once again contemporary issues are faced with honesty and wisdom. The anti-Semites (and there are still too many) won't like this, nor will the Segregationists. But for most readers, here is a man who, in all good senses of the term, is a top candidate for Better Understanding Awards.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1959
Publisher: World