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Choice cuts is-- well-- filet mignon (saignant), a literal skinprickler which involves the dismemberment of a doomed man; after the guillotine, the surgeon's knife of a Dr. Marek who has perfected the art of integral grafting and will contribute seven parts of his body to assorted holiday accident victims. (Remember the German chiller of forty years age -- screen and story-- in which a murderer's hands were given to a pianist who became obsessed to kill?) In this case too the physical ingestion is successful, the psychological adaptation disastrous: Mme. Gallard who is the recipient of a man's leg experiences very peculiar reactions while Eramble, who has its mate, wants to possess her or rather her leg; a hapless Abbe finds that his arm is tattooed with a heart and an inscription, Lulu; another arm enables a painter to develop a disturbingly rewarding new style; one by one, they disintegrate, commit suicide, and.... Boileau and Narcejac are a demonic pair (they scripted Diabolique and this too will be filmed) and it is full of dark horror, black humor and bright invention.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1966
Publisher: Dutton